App Windows: panoramica

The Windows desktop application lets you interact with client documents directly from your computer — locally or on a hosted desktop. The MacOS application is coming soon!

Click the button below to download the desktop app and virtual drive

With the TaxDome Windows application, you can:

  • View, edit and modify client docs directly from File Explorer. For example, you might need to edit an Excel spreadsheet
  • Print client docs to TaxDome directly from any tax software in one click 
  • Request a signature from the desktop app right after you upload docs from any tax software
  • Upload all files you need in bulk

Technical details

Current version: 3.82, released July 2, 2024. 

Compatibilità : Windows 10 a 64 bit, Windows 11 a 64 bit, Windows Server 2022 (inclusi server virtuali e reti remote). 

Useful links

To find out more about the TaxDome Windows app, explore the links below:

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